Gehirnorganisation nach Georg G. Gotschev

Gotschev Gehirnorganisation

I treat physical ailments and mental discomfort.

Structures that are out of balance are distressed stepwise. The results of academic medicine such as computer tomographies, labour tests and medical reports are effectively integrated into the treatment.

Potential benefits are:

  • Physical ailments decrease.
  • Emotional balance becomes more stable.
  • Personal productivity increases.

My specialisations are:

  • Migraine headaches. During years I had a strong migraine. Thanks to the methods I apply, I was able to overcome it.
  • Short-sightedness. I had my first glasses when I was a teenager. They became stronger and stronger. Currently, I have improved my sight by more than 3 dioptres on each eye.
  • Executives. I help people who deliver top-rate performances and whose goal it is to raise them.

What customers say:

«A system reload on a mental, physical and emotional level. A work that builds on the personal resources. After a treatment I feel somehow 'cleaned up'. I feel integrally understood and mirrored!» U.K.

«The treatment optimises ones power to concentrate, raises the level of confidence and the general well-being. It stabilises my personal balance, relieves stress and makes me aware of my detaining patterns and transforms them. Just great! I feel like a different person, freed, and I am very, very thankful.» L.Y.